One Plus One collaborates with Strategic Pay to help publicise their annual 2017 Directors’ Fee Survey


One Plus One recently collaborated with New Zealand remuneration specialists, Strategic Pay to help publicise their latest findings from their annual 2017 Directors’ Fee Survey.

The survey findings identified ongoing geographical and gender imbalances as critical areas for New Zealand businesses to attend to.

Some of the key findings include:

  • Of the 27 industry groups represented:
    • The majority have, on average, less than 30% of Board memberships allocated to women.
    • Only eight sectors were about this threshold – including Education, which was upwards of 50%.


  • The proportion of female board chairs in New Zealand remains at just 15 per cent, static from last year.


  • Overall, New Zealand directors are paid 38.5 per cent less than their Australian counterparts.


John McGill, Chief Executive Officer at Strategic Pay, says these findings are “particularly concerning, given the increased demands being placed on directors thanks to greater transparency and public scrutiny.”

We were able to facilitate an exclusive full-page story, which ran on the front page of The New Zealand Herald’s Business section on 18th April – and which also created the opportunity for a broadcast interview with Rachel Smalley on Newstalk ZB.


The online version can be viewed here