One Plus One Equals Three: Edition Eight

  • In light of the current coronavirus pandemic and both the US and European stock markets plummeting after the recently announced US-European travel ban, crisis communication is a high priority for businesses and organisations globally. This recent Washington Post article explores how poor communication, such as from US President Donald Trump, is eroding public trust.
  • So then, who can we trust in the age of fake news? A librarian of course. According to Pew Research findings, 78% of Americans felt public libraries provide trustworthy information.
  • Here in New Zealand, regrettably, libraries are suffering from lack of funding as this RNZ national article illustrates.
  • Professor Nicole A. Cooke from the University of Illinois, found that we profoundly overestimate our literacy abilities; that we prioritise convenience and efficiency, which inevitably creates a subconscious bias.

  • The Australian Associated Press (AAP) announced the forthcoming closure of its newswire service on June 26th, after 85 years of operation. The closure will result in 600 job loses and their Facebook fact-checking service being sold to a third party. Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, said the loss of this ‘vital link to information’ will hurt media diversity.
  • In the local digital mediascape, the publicly funded national broadcaster RNZ’s newest ad campaign has caused consternation for its commercial counterparts, who rely on paywalls and subscriptions. Making matters worse, the campaign was advertised through the ‘mother of all the FANGS’: Facebook.

  • Idealog magazine, founded in 2006, which focuses on covering New Zealand’s creative economy, has announced it will cease print production and instead focus on a digital-only proposition. CEO of ICG Media, Marcus Hawkins-Adams, says their numbers for print are ‘no longer stacking up’.
  • If you thought the Auckland road works were a problem, they’re nothing in comparison to the disturbance caused by some of Jared Kushner’s companies in New York. The Netflix series ‘Dirty Money’, which centres around ‘capitalism running amok’, has released a second season featuring a documentary episode on Kushner (son-in-law to Donald Trump, and senior White House advisor) and some of the corrupt practices used to drive tenants out of his thousands of rent-controlled apartments.

  • Sir Rob Fenwick, the highly-regarded Kiwi environmentalist and entrepreneur, recently passed away, having succumbed to a battle with cancer–which he referred to as “his dance partner“–at the age of 68. His legacy will live on through his fearless advocacy for the environment and sustainability.
  • In his honour, the newly established Auckland Media Club will host a forum to expand horizons, raise issues, and rattle cages. Tickets for the event on April 3rd are still available through eventbrite–we look forward to seeing you there.