One Plus One Equals Three: Edition Five

  • One of the world’s most esteemed entrepreneurs, Bill Gates, is closely examined in an upcoming  three-part Netflix documentary, Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates. The co-founder of Microsoft reflected on how his public perception has shifted in an interview with the Wall Street Journal about the documentary set to release 20 September.
  • Lord Tim Bell, one of Britain’s most influential PR figures, passed away recently at the venerable age of 77. Revered and reviled in equal measure, industry commentators were unanimous in acknowledging the substantial impact he had on politics, brands and business throughout his illustrious career. The ever insightful David Brain penned this tribute, and our Managing Director Kelly Bennett reviewed Bell’s autobiographical book ‘Right or Wrong’ a few years ago.

  • Influence, of course, is central to the current Labour party scandal – which reached a new level last week with the resignation of President Nigel Haworth, amid criticism of his handling of the sexual assault allegations. The story was blown open by independent website, The Spinoff, in this lengthy article demonstrating the sort of investigative, issues-based journalism normally reserved for their competitors at Newsroom. Broadly speaking, The Spinoff attracts 170,000 visitors a month, compared to Newsroom’s 156,000.
  • Our figures show there are now 600,000 podcasts available in New Zealand, all of which have emerged in the last few years, including some of the more interesting ones such as NZ Business Podcast, NZ Everyday Investor and Entrepreneurs Unleashed.
  • NZ Entrepreneur founder Richard Liew has launched a new initiative to support NZ entrepreneurs and start-ups.

  • Tokenism or trying really hard? We’ll let you be the judge of the latest announcements from Facebook and Google, both of whom claim to be doubling down on their efforts to promote quality journalism in the lead up to the 2020 elections.