One Plus One Equals Three: Edition Nine

  • Last week, the biggest magazine publisher in New Zealand, Bauer Media, decided to permanently close its doors due to the severe economic impact of the COVID-19 lockdown. Some commentators have suggested, however, that Bauer made its decision prior to the pandemic.
  • New Zealand Herald’s business reporter, Damien Venuto has said that covering today’s events is “like the GFC and 9/11 all wrapped into one”. And while the pandemic continues to unfold, we are reminded of the value in journalism.
  • The distribution of news has also changed amid the lockdown period. While some print publications were removed from the list of essential services, remote community newspapers are considered essential.

  • In NBR’s ‘Corporate Snapshot‘, signals it’s not all bad news – note the silver lining in a handful of companies who have seen increased revenue.
  • Recently, The Spinoff’s Managing Editor, Duncan Greive weighed in on COVID-19 coverage through traditional and shared media platforms.
  • Moreover, what kind of influence does media language have on the economy and consumer perceptions? National Business Review’s co-editor Tim Hunter, wrote an article about how media coverage influences sentiment.

  • Indeed we are experiencing history in the making, but due to media saturation of COVID-19, other significant news went comparatively underreported. For instance, the second person in the world cured from HIV, or more locally, a New Zealand bill passed to liberalise abortion laws.

  • As the majority of Kiwis work from home, we are spending more time in our residence than we’re used to. Clearer Thinking, has put together a list of the top 40 meaningful things to do when you’re stuck indoors.
  • Finally, Kiwis everywhere are finding new and exciting ways to stay connected during lockdown, including hosting their own virtual dinner parties. Perhaps some of these could be implemented as part of your plans in the lead up to Easter.